Permanent Make up/ Micropigmentation/ Microblading/ Microshading

Putting on make up requires skill and time, and that is the reason today most working women or moms are turning to permanent make up.
Microblading is an eyebrow architecture that gives you more defined brows to create a best shape for your face.

Eyelash Extensions/ Lash Lift

Beautiful, long and fluttery lashes make your eyes look more attractive. You don’t need mascara or false lashes anymore.
Having permanent lashes can keep make up products away from your sensitive eyes.
You can save on time and money by minimising your make up routine.

Lip Shading/ Blushing

Lip blush can enhance the lip colour by making it look more robust and full.
We tend to lose colour as we age and lip blush can give you a more youthful appearance.

Nail Extensions/ Advance Nail Art

In this process, hard gel is built on a natural nail and cured with UV light.
We offer nail extensions for longer, stronger and more attractive nails. We can give desired shape and length to your nails by extending the nail tips artificially.

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